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Executive Coaching & Personal Branding
Be the architect of your career in the dynamic and complex global environment. To be more effective and produce remarkable results, you must effectively coordinate the actions of others and continuously build their capacity for change. Philip Berry Associates LLC helps leaders develop their personal brand strategy to increase individual effectiveness, focus and direction. Explore your personal style and strengths, your positive and motivating drivers as well as the self-limiting behaviors keeping you from going from better than to best in class.
Global Leadership & Talent Development
Are you winning the war on talent? Philip Berry Associates, LLC programs can help you develop and retain hi-potentials, deep dive with diversity succession planning, and align your talent strategy with your future business requirements to stimulate extraordinary performance. Philip Berry Associates LLC can develop processes and strategies for marshalling the rich experiences, skills and know-how of your diverse workforce, vendors and customers to build your leadership cadre for tomorrows challenges.
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Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Managing diversity on a global basis is critical to bottom line success. An open corporate culture that embraces inclusiveness strengthens the employer-employee relationship, increases productivity, effectiveness and employee satisfaction. Philip Berry Associates LLC develops strategies and initiatives which attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce that mirrors the marketplace on a global basis. Our experts enable organizations to utilize diversity as a driver for business success, product development and market penetration. We develop initiatives to uncover unconscious bias & micro-inequities. As diversity of generation, ethnicity, gender and thinking style increase on a global basis, organizations need to incorporate in their DNA the ability to foster an inclusive work environment. Our deep understanding of other countries and cultures facilitates our ability to generate cross-cultural solutions which enhance business development efforts anywhere around the world.

Unconscious Bias & Micro-inequities
In order to increase understanding and improve relationships in an organization, it's critical to uncover the barriers that impede effectiveness.  We provide a framework that increases awareness and facilitates impactful behaviors that create success.  Our technique is interactive, proactive and enhances overall performance improvement.
Team Transformation 
Philip Berry Associates LLC  identifies what it takes to enable competence to become excellence. Let us help you transform your team from conflict to collaboration, stagnation to innovation, and inefficiency to effectiveness. Key outcomes include: creating and sustaining the cross functional team, achieving team alignment with goals and expectations, building real working relationships, and leveraging differences and similarities to maximize productivity.
Sustaining Innovation Excellence 
What makes some people and organizations more creative than others? Philip Berry Associates LLC has ways to keep your company fresh, alert and connected to the future. We can work with your leadership to change patterns, catalyze and engineer transformation. Key outcomes will occur in four areas: business processes or systems, product or services, customer interface, and people's thinking, behaving and functioning.
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